Spotlight on ISMPP: Post event newsletter

Two of our publication leads at Spirit attended the recent ISMPP EU meeting in London last month. Dawn Lobban (CMPP) moderated an interesting panel session on GPP3 and facilitated a roundtable discussion with key experts on patient lay summaries, while Fiona Bolland (CMPP) presented a poster on ‘The impact of data extrapolation on publication plans for biosimilars’.

Dawn and Fiona really enjoyed the discussions at ISMPP and have captured some of the key insights in a newsletter. We hope you find this summary useful – indeed if any of the ‘hot topics’ are of particular interest, the team would be delighted to discuss these with you further and provide more detail. As publications are a core part of our business, we have a genuine interest in how the field is evolving and how we can continue to provide an optimal service to our clients and authors.